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Girl writes Slash

And it's fuel for her Soul

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Name and Location:
Carol Lee but call me Pet. I am a 26 year old, bi-sexual, bi-polar female. (Basically this means I'm a crazy, emotional, girl/boy loving chic with a quirky nickname.)

From a small and very old stupid fingers up their bums town in Pennsylvania. Seriously it blows here. And not in a good way.
Little About Me:
I am a mother of two beautiful boys Braze Drin 9 and Brock Ian 7.
I also have a husband everyone just calls him Homie. My RL isn't any more tame than my IL.
All the important people know I write the pr0n and that I'm always just this level of crazy.

I love the entertianment world. Movies, t.v. you name it I'm probably obsessed with something in it.
My current and lifetime obssessions include more than anything right now:
David Boreanaz, James Marsters, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe.
The Goods:
I write stories, poetry whether those stories are good or bad I leave
for others to decide I rarely do. You'll fine I lack the ego to get all my stories ROXXERS! But when you tell me I'm good. I roll around in it like oil in a kiddie pool right before the naked wrestling.
I also read and comment like a good feedback whore. I'm a Spangel girl always have been and always will be.
Their pretty, their angsty, their romantic, their love is undeniable.
The force is strong with them.

And recently I have found the goodness with such shows as Bones, Lost, House and last but so not least Supernatural babies.
Oh yes I am a fangirl of the brothers Winchester.
Everyone should have the Sam and Dean love.
Subscribe if you haven't already.
Join the dark side. I even have a SPN LJ now folks: crazyjoyfulgirl
Odds and Ends:
I'm seriously demented, seriously kinky I'm serious I can turn anything
sexual. I've been told I'm a funny, funny gal and that makes me happy I try to go for
amusement and joy whenever I can hence the kinky angle I think. I also have a pension
for nicknames so fear me or love me people this is Pet/Carol Lee.

In conclusion: Pretteh boys make Pet's world complete.

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